Planetary Healing Club presents an innovative weight loss approach

Lost Arts Radio host Richard Sacks is starting a series of videos that shares some of the wisdom from his Planetary Healing Club, and in a new video posted to, he talks about his weight loss “secret” that doesn’t require the one aspect that many people struggle with most on their quest to get in shape: willpower.

Instead of worrying about getting the number on the scale to go down, he feels people should focus on losing excess fat wherever their body is storing it, particularly if it’s in the waist and hip area. However, he believes that relying on willpower – or forcing yourself to do what fad diet adherents do – will backfire eventually, even if you’re very strong-willed, because it’s easy to fall back into your usual habits.

That’s why his approach is more functional. It’s about attaining higher energy and seeking your body’s natural state. Although you do need to change your habits and lifestyle, force or willpower isn’t the best way to accomplish this. Instead, he feels you need to depend on your “life current,” the unlimited consciousness that keeps us alive in the first place. For example, he says that it’s your body’s life current that heals you when you cut your finger, and tuning into this can help us achieve optimum health and weight.

Sacks has been exploring this and similar questions for more than 50 years. He says that now is a difficult time for all types of life on this planet, with lots of suffering, and that a magic pill or herb is not the solution. Instead, he feels the secret is getting in touch with who you are and connecting to this life current to gain harmony.

In addition, getting rid of stress and examining the way you react to problematic people in your life can go a long way. The life current is so strong that you don’t even need willpower, he says. Although he acknowledges this may sound “nonsensical” to some people, he believes it is effective.

Planetary Healing Club Challenge

Sacks has set up a challenge for club members that anyone can do, whether they’re seriously out of shape or elite athletes. Your baseline is where you are right now, and a goal is set six months into the future. It’s not a “lose weight fast” scheme or crash diet; instead, he terms it a “life and health invitation challenge.”

As for Sacks, he says he eats 100 percent raw food. He doesn’t eat meat out of respect to animals, but he isn’t vegan; in fact, he saws raw milk is very helpful to people who eat the way he does. He also uses tools like high-intensity interval training, yoga, sleep, grounding with bare skin touching earth, getting enough sun, and listening to his body and emotions. Instead of telling everyone to do 1,000 push-ups a day, he wants everyone to look more closely at themselves, something they delve into in more detail in the Planetary Healing Club.

This interactive video club meets Saturday nights to share wisdom about this and similar topics. Those who sign up by August 31, 2018 will be locked in at a special introductory price of $10 per month, but there’s no obligation to keep going if it’s not for you.

Getting people together to improve their quality of life and work on consciousness is the goal, and getting in good physical shape in a sustainable way is only the start. Before each meeting, there’s a free hour-long radio show looking at what is going on in the world and how it impacts us.

Sacks also mentions that his videos will probably disappear from censor-happy places like YouTube, so he suggests viewers look out for future videos in the series on platforms like He also invites readers to request topics for him to address in upcoming free videos.

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